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Total Tooling Solutions
Total Tooling Solutions
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SK Enterprises is situated in a prime business location at Industrial Area, Chandigarh (India). SK ENT's strategy is to make available simple to operate, flexible quality tooling solutions at a very affordable price. We pride ourselves on our after sales commitment and support, ensuring that the product is introduced as smoothly as possible into our customers production workflow and developing a system that is best suited to their needs and requirements. SK ENT has products installed in a diverse array of industries. These industries include auto parts, packaging, defense, general engg and many more. SK ENT has an on-site service department, which offers a full back up, assistance and on-site training of personnel. On-site or classroom training does more than educate your manufacturing staff on how to use new tools. It teaches them to think in terms of productivity, profitability and process economics. This broader business focus on the part of your operators inevitably benefits your bottom line.

A close partnership between you and your tool supplier can provide integrated solutions that boost manufacturing throughout. We’ve worked with our customers, and the result has been remarkable savings in machining and maintenance, repair and operating costs.

Cutting tool technology evolves rapidly. High-feed wiper inserts, for example, make it possible to double turning throughout without compromising finish. Ceramic and cubic boron nitride inserts mill and turn steel parts in fully hardened condition, cutting part cost 5 to 15 percent by reducing or eliminating expensive grinding. In some applications, modern carbide inserts are equally effective with or without coolant, and dry machining can reduce finished part cost 15 percent.

In truly integrated cutting systems, proprietary “concept” milling tools remove metal three to ten times faster than ISO-standard mills. With a third of the typical run out of ISO tools, concept cutters also hold the tighter tolerances so common in modern manufacturing. State-of-the-art concept tools provide the technology for both high-speed machining and hard-part machining, and they expand opportunities for dry milling.

SK ENT adapts the product to meet the needs of our client so every customer ends up with a tailored product. SK ENT makes it possible to explore and implement such tooling innovations without interrupting busy production schedules.

We are more than just a tooling supplier. We want you to view us as partners. As a specialized extension of your own process engineering capabilities. We have the resources and experience you need to make informed and effective tooling decisions.

Our goal is to help you remain competitive in your rapidly changing manufacturing environment. You can design the perfect shop, buy the most advanced machines and hire the best people, but the tooling is where the rubber hits the road. It all comes down to removing metal quickly and efficiently for the
lowest total cost. If you believe in this, and are looking for one stop solutions- THERE WE ARE.

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